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The Current Situation of Sugar Daddy

With the rise of 'sugar daddy' websites targeting university students within the world and news that the most essence of universities have the most students registered upon such sites, this anthropological study addresses perceptions to escort work amongst society, clients and service providers. Noting that, over the last 16 years, the number of street workers has also declined and there is an increased acceptance of a more overtly sexualised society, this dissertation seeks to answer whether or not the rise of professional and educated escort services should be seen as 'prostitution in a new guise' or whether the 'selling of time' should be viewed, as its proponents maintain, as a legitimate mechanism through which companionship can be obtained and tuition fees paid. It is so absurd. What does prostitution stand for? What can sugar baby bring to sugar daddy? What can sugar babies get through their endeavor? The prostitution means only sex. To the contrary, sugar baby can take care of sugar daddy to make their life sweeter and get a relaxing life from sugar daddy, which will be of great benefit to social happiness index, for it can decrease the crime rate of rape, increase the employment rate and reduce the gap between the rich and poor. So, don’t be afraid of the criticism from the people who can devote nothing to the society. They are nothing and just be yourself. So, how can you seek sugar daddy freely? There are many sugar daddies and sugar babies on

Analysis about Sugar Baby

Actually, why do these girls want to be a sugar baby? Because most of them want someone can show the love to them through sending their luxurious goods and allowance. Meanwhile, the sugar baby can take care of sugar daddy in all aspects with their love, which helps the babies to get the luxurious life which is an equal trade. Why do some people like to satire sugar babies? Do they have the right to do so? If a sugar daddy could give u a better life, what would u do? Why not? Why not find a sugar daddy to change your lifestyle once? No one have the right to stop you, because everyone is equal. Just be yourself.


In the writer’s opinion, all of the human beings are free and have their own rights to decide which lifestyle is their dreaming for, rather than decided by others’ opinion. So, whether you want to be a sugar daddy or sugar baby, just do it!


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